Spin to win popup plugin for Prestashop.

Spin a sale app for Prestashop to reduce shopping cart abandonment with discount prizes in Fortune Wheel™ popups.

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Promotions served
Collected emails
Conversion rate

Create spin-to-win popups in Prestashop that are proven to boost your conversion rate.

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The Old way Annoying
Conversion Rate 0.5% - 4%
Old discount popups
    Choose the old way if:
  • You don't care about customer experience
  • You like hiring designers to customize it
  • You're OK with leaving sales on the table
  • You don't want to grow your business
The Right way Engaging
Conversion Rate 12% - 25%
    Choose the right way if:
  • You care about engaging your customers
  • You don't want to lose time on designers
  • You care about your store's performance
  • You're motivated to break your sales record

Create engaging prize wheel popups in Prestashop.

We've made the easiest design tool for Prestashop to create Fortune Wheel™ popups all by yourself without the need for hiring designers or developers. Simply point and click to design the perfect spinning wheel promotion your customers will love. It is proven to stop shopping cart abandonment.

Online promotion app screenshot
Online promotion app screenshot

Build email lists of users spinning the wheel.

Whenever someone engages with our popups on your Prestashop store we will collect their email address, phone numbers or any other data you decide. They will win prizes, usually in a form of discounts, in exchange for sharing their personal data for marketing purposes.

Spin-a-sale analytics to grow your sales.

Stop relying on outdated popup builders that doesn't provide the metrics needed to grow your Prestashop business. Our dashboard will enable you to run data-driven decisions, tracked for every Fortune Wheel™ popup you display on your e-commerce store. Know what works and optimize.

Online promotion app screenshot
Online promotion app screenshot

Quickly create & manage spin for win popups.

Depending on your account plan, you can create as many popups as you need to engage your customers with fun popups that run on exit-intent, optimized for mobile devices, filter the collected leads and convert more visitors into customers. All directly on Prestashop within minutes.

Prestashop logo How to integrate with Prestashop?

Here's a simple guide to install a spinning wheel popup on your Prestashop store. We've written this guide without technical mambo-jumbo to help get started quickly.

Follow these easy steps to connect Prestashop:
  1. 1 If you haven't done it already, you need to create an account with Wheel of Popups.
  2. 2 Open the folder where your PrestaShop website's files are located (NOTE: Your screen may look different).
    Prestashop Popup screenshot
  3. 3 Navigate to the themes folder.
    Prestashop Popup screenshot
  4. 4 Find the folder of the theme you are using with PrestaShop (by default this is set to default-bootstrap).
    Prestashop Popup screenshot
  5. 5 Open header.tpl in your favorite IDE (code editor).
    Prestashop Popup screenshot
  6. 6 Paste the Wheel of Popups code inside of the head tags within header.tpl (make sure that the code is in between the two head tags), then Save.
    Prestashop Popup screenshot
  7. 7 Login to your PrestaShop Dashboard and hover over Advanced Parameters in the menu on the left and click Performance (NOTE: In older versions of PrestaShop you must go to the Preferences tab and Performance sub-tab).
    Prestashop Popup screenshot
  8. 8 Select the option Force Compilation. Then set "Cache" to No. Click Save.
    Prestashop Popup screenshot

Looking for other integrations?
Connect with 2,000+ more apps.

We have integrations to connect spin for win popups with the most popular
website and e-commerce platforms, email providers and CRM tools.

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